Division of Research Project



 Name:Jenny Kuo


 ▌Jobs connects to Ministry of Science and Technology

  • Process of projects relates to Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on application, amendment, payment request, contracting, case completion. ( includes: Research Projects, Industry-Academic Projects, Financial support for short-term research of foreign experts, Invitation of short-term visiting of foreign experts, Invitation for Post-Doc Research, Graduate students attending international conference, Undergraduate students join research projects, Projects for Promotion of Research Capability of Private University, Projects for Instrumentation Center, National Research Projects, Industry-Academia Collaboration Research Projects for Digital Contents, Academic Collaboration Projects of Applied Technology, Designated Research Projects, International Collaboration Projects under Bilateral Agreement of MOST)
  • Process of Submission of MOST supported Experts and Scholars attending International academic conferences.
  • Process of application and written-off of Domestic International Academic Conferences financial supported by MOST.
  • Process of application submission for awarding special talent scholars by MOST.
  • Process of overall jobs for all kinds of promotion of cooperation.

▌Jobs connects to Ministry of Education (MOE)

  • Process of submission and payment request of all kinds of projects of MOE.
  • Prepare for the on-site evaluation and audit on projects award and support by MOE.

 ▌Jobs connects to award and support of research projects for teachers of the university.

 •Process of project award, application award, evaluation and archiving for teachers of the university.

  • Register, survey, compile and statistic of data concerning research of teachers of the university.

▌Other jobs

  • Organize meeting for “Academic Evaluation of Research and Development”.
  • Compile reports from results of all projects.
  • Compose and modify regulation for awarding research projects of teachers the university.
  • Organize Forum for promoting teacher’s research outcome.


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