Division of Interllecual Property



Name:Wen-Ping Chen

Title:Section Chief


Intellectual property techniques transfer

Application of Intellectual property


Marketing Strategy Design and Media Marketing



Name:Lin Mutze



•Process of application, administrative maintenance, data filing of patents from research and innovation of this university.

•Process of application of stamping, data filing, transferring fund approving of techniques transfer contracts of this university.

•Composite and amend related regulations for Section of Intellectual Property/ Intellectual Property Value Creation Center.

•Input data of patents, technique transfer into Administrative Data Base/ Award and Support of MOE.

•Process of related issues of promotion projects for university industry complex for industry-academia cooperation of MOE.

•Process of application for projects, payment request, project ending to Metal Industries Research & Development Centre for integrated project of academia helping industry.

•Process of application for projects, payment request, project ending to Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) for intellectual property creation project.

•Encourage research and innovation achievement to attend international invention exhibition and technology exchange show.

•Process the promotions of commodification of research and innovation achievements by Hengshan Creation Center.

•Process of related operation on awarding commodification of results from researchand innovation.

•Process of overall awards for research(patent, technique transfer) application by teachers.

•Organize meeting for patents evaluation.

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